Where is your Manhood ?

Jesus_095 Through- out the last 30 years or more, our Nation has been hurting. This year we have talks about the fiscal cliff and other catastrophic delimas that are attacking our lives. I believe that our problems have stem from a common place we all know. This place is the highest office or position any man can ever hold. This place is your house.

In God’s economy, a man will never get any higher, never have any greater influence, never wield any greater power than he does as the head of his own home. To fail at home is to have failed everywhere. and that’s were men are made. I believe america has failed because men have failed to be men. You can open any browser on the internet today and get the facts:

– 70% of juveniles arrested commit new crimes
– teen age suicides increase
– kids are now killing other kids and adults
– increases in divorce rates and spouse abuse

Fatherlessness is the most harmful demographic trend of this generation. Children growing up in poverty. Domestic violence. Unsafe neighborhoods. Increasingly, men (have) looked outside the home for the meaning of their male-ness. Masculinity become less domesticated, defined less by effective paternity and more by individual ambition and achievement. True fathering has little to do with biology and more to do with responsibly caring for others. He is to be applying himself to fathering functions. But men seem to be looking out more for themselves than others. That, my friends, is sorry manhood.

The question remains one of ultimate authority. Who are you going to follow in your life? Christ…or culture? You can not have it both ways.

Taken from the book, ” FOUR PILLARS OF A MANS HEART”


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