The Four Pillars of a Man’s Heart.

What kind of man builds a civilization, that out-lasts him? What kind of broad shoulders does it take to be strong enough to build a heritage that stands strong and firm in the winds of time!

– A man of vision and character… a King.
– A man of strength and power… a Warrior.
– A man of faith and wisdom… a Mentor.
– A man of heart and love…a Friend.

It is upon these pillars, the pillars of manhood, that the small civilization we call ” HOME” will either stand or fall.

How can we become what we so deeply need to be? For your family, lover, or just you, please walk with me to see what we might find.

four pillars The Author, Stu Weber is an American pastor and author of several books on Christian living. He co-founded Good Shepherd Community Church near Gresham, Oregon,[1] and served as Lead Pastor for more than thirty years before retiring to become Pastor Emeritus.[2]


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